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Feature (some still in development)


Simply add announcements to your site to keep the public informed about what's going on with your organization/business.


This feature provides a way for the public to contact certain individuals within your organization/company.

Content management

Easy to use tool that allows administrators to quickly update/maintain content on the website.

Custom Site Pages

The built-in WYSIWYG editor allows users to create/manage an unlimited number of site pages without having to know any special HTML programming.


Manage and upload your documents in any format (.pdf, .doc, .xls, etc). Users can quickly find a document by doing a search or navigating within a group of documents.


The public can make an online donation to your organization by using a credit card or payroll deduction.




Create a list of useful links for the public.

Mailing Labels

Create and print mailing labels for everyone, or a specific group, from the user database.

News stories

You can manage, create or link to local, national, or regional news stories. You also have the option to export/import news stories from other sites.

News Stories Archives

Old new stories are archived and can be searched by a user.

News Stories with RSS Feeds

You can manage, create or link to local, national, or regional news stories. You also have the option to export/import news stories from other sites.

Photo gallery

Upload photos that can be arranged in groups. Also, each photo can be made larger for viewing with a single click.


The system has built-in reports. We can create custom reports as requested.

Sent Email Alerts

Send emails to everyone or to a group of users in the user database. The emails can be sent in either plain text or in HTML format. Attachments can be added to an email.

Share Data Between Sites

Share information such as membership lists, news stories, calendar events and documents between other sites or the national office. The national office can propagate information down to each site without having to go to each site. They could do such things as run reports and do national advertisements because all the sites are in a centralized database.


Have a local sponsor pay the monthly fee or generate revenue by having multiple sponsors. There is a place on the site that you can upload the sponsor's image. You can also provide tracking information to your sponsor.

Theme Builder

This built-in tool allows you to change the graphical look of your site. You can upload custom banners or change the color of the site.

User Database

A powerful built-in database that allows your organization/business to store user information of volunteers, donors, people who register for an event, non-paid/paid members, or people who sign up for emails. You would have the ability to create custom fields, run reports, print mailing labels, export information, and send out email alerts.


Upload videos or add links to other video streaming sites that can be arranged in groups.


Volunteers can register and sign up for volunteer opportunities that you have listed on your site.

Advanced Features (some still in development)

Attendance Plan and Tracking

Helps to manage events/meetings including online registration and attendance.


Internet commerce transactions between your company and other businesses from your website.

Basic Image Editor

A web based program that enables you to manipulate images.

Blog Feature

Individual users can post commentary on an event and others can respond.


This is used for comment and quotes


A web based control panel that contains information pertaining to your website.

E-mail Marketing

Use electronic mail as a means of communicating commercial or fundraising messages to your audience.


Help manage regularly distributed publications to your subscribers.


Help manage your most common questions and answers.


Create custom forms so you can gather/track information about your users.


Create a community area for your members to air their views, ask questions, get answers, and discuss issues together.

Key-word Searches

Allows users to find information on your website by doing searches.

Online Food Order

Interactive menus allowing customers to place orders.

Online Polling and Survey System

Interactive survey to collect quantitative information about your users which includes reporting capabilities.

Online Shopping Cart

Customers can accumulate a list of items for purchase and the system will calculates a total for the order, including shipping and handling. Inventory management and purchase history is included.

Online Ticket Sales

Interactive method to allow customers to place orders for an event/s.

Online Tour Ticket Sales

Interactive method to allow customers to Purchase tickets for a tour/s.

Online Voting

Electronic means for casting and counting votes.

Post Jobs

Post and manage jobs for positions to be filled.


Provide information about upcoming shows/events including ticket purchases.

Submit Reports Electronically

Automate scheduled reporting requirements.

Task Management

Helps in the process of managing a task through its life cycle, including planning, testing, tracking and reporting.

User Management Tool

Web based program designed to manage your users including security management.

View Meeting/Program info (including speakers)

Manage meeting programs including attendance, registration and speaker information.